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Makers Legacy is on-stop blog for beginners and enthusiasts who want to master different skills. We are working to educate and inspire our readers with high-quality information and fresh and interesting updates. Make sure to bookmark this page, and read some most amazing pieces of content about welding, knifemaking, gunsmithing, engine turning, brazing, jewelry making and much more. Have fun browsing.

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welding guide

Welding Complete Guide

Prepare for massive and unique welding guide. In one place, chapters below, you’ll find and learn everything about the art of metal fusing. Welding definitions, history of welding, who invented welding, what does a welder do, types of welding, tools and equipment used by beginners and professionals, how to become a skilled welder, what school or course you need to learn basic and advanced techniques.
metal art

An Essential Metal Art Guide

Welding is often compared to art by those that understand how a weld is made since an excellent one demands at least a steady hand and a great eye. Welding artists make only a small piece of the welding industry “cake,” they can display welding’s potential for millions to see. Metal art has space for improvement, and that space is big enough to welcome anyone to discover innovative techniques to weld.

How to Become Welder in 2020?

Welding School, Training and Certification - Want to become a professional welder! It takes a lot more than just watching online welding videos or playing around in a workshop. In order to accomplish that goal, you'll need to attend official training and get credible certification.
Welding Tool

Welding Tools for Pros and Beginners

In case, you’re curious about welding as a hobby or as a career or thinking how to get welded without “line of credit” then “explore” this welding tools guide. You might overhear that “jumping” into welding is breaking the bank situation, but the reality is that there are only several basic welding tools that you’ll use frequently.

Knife Blade Design

The designing of knives is art, yes there’s a craft aspect to this which is making things more effective, but people respond emotionally, aesthetically, and artistically to even the simplest designed knife. There are many types of knives with different designs, shapes, and purposes. Learn all about them.

7 Simple Ways How to Cut Metal

There are 116 metal elements, and plenty of variations and each one requires different cutting methods. The most efficient tools of how to cut metal are the cut-off wheel and grinding disc. We will show you 7 simple ways in a few steps how to cut metal. Important: before start, always take some protection measure.
brazing guide

Brazing 101

Read unique, in-depth brazing guide and learn how to braze, brazing techniques, filler materials, methods, industry standards and difference between welding and soldering.
how to braze aluminum

How to: Brazing Aluminum

Brazing aluminum is more challenging than brazing other metals since the melting points of the base metal, and the filler is close. At the same time, brazing aluminum produces an oxide layer on the surface.


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