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Top 8 Blacksmith Apron

Are you looking for the best blacksmith apron in 2021? Look at the 8 top-class items to protect you from sparks and flames and do your projects with peace of mind.

15 Blacksmithing Gloves

You already have a furnace, anvil, and hammer. The next thing in your blacksmithing arsenal is forging gloves. Look at this text and find out everything about the best gloves for blacksmithing.


Best Blacksmith Anvil

Choose one of the 8 best blacksmithing anvils from Makers Legacy list and take your craftsmanship to new heights.

Best Blacksmith Tongs

Here is the list of the best blacksmith tongs to boost your creativity and make your unique creations bear the subtle marks of their creator.


How to Solder Copper Pipe Like a Pro

Whether you are a soldering professional or a beginner, choosing the right soldering equipment and tools for soldering can be such a daunting task. We prepared a list of 10 soldering tools for your perfect soldering joints.

How to Remove Solder Quickly and Efficiently

If you are wondering how to remove solder from board, this article will give you a hand. Keep reading to learn the most efficient desoldering tips and methods.


How-to-Remove-Rust-from-Metal How to Remove Rust From Metal

Learn all possible techniques to remove rust from various materials using tools and homemade rust removals Remove rust from metal, stainless steel, knifes, paint and tools.

Knife Handle Design

Learn everything you need to know about knife handle design – shapes, textures, size, materials and how to design handles according to knife purpose.


How to Jewel a Rifle Bolt

With the right bolt jeweling tools and the right technique, jeweling a rifle bolt can be a walk in the park. Learn more about what you’ll need to do in article series dedicated to gunsmithing.

Hobo Nickel Tools

Getting started with hobo coin art can be both expensive and quite cheap. There are a lot of professional tools that can be rather costly, but there are also a lot of cheap, DIY options that would be quite enough in case you are just taking up with this fun hobby. Learn more!


5 Simple Ways on How to Remove Rust of a Gun

If your gun or other firearm start to rust here are 5 proven ways you can use for rust removing. Dremel, steel wool, gun oil, WD-40 and battery charger are great solutions, but how to prevent corrosion? Read all in this article.

Gun Bluing 101 – How to Blue a Gun

Learn all gun bluing techniques and their main difference. We covered hot bluing, cold bluing, rust bluing, niter bluing, charcoal bluing, and heat bluing.


How to Sharpen a Machete

All you need to know about machete sharpening in one place! We ll help you choose the right machete, teach all about properly maintaining its sharpness, and we ll present a homemade sharpener with oblong sticks for bushcraft machetes and parangs!
How to Make a Cabochon

How to Make a Cabochon

Cabbing or cabochon cutting is lapidary art that involves transforming slabs or rough material into cabochons or shiny, beautifully shaped gem stones Pretty much anyone can do it, so Makers Legacy will present a step by step guide on how to make cabochons Read right through!


3 Best Ways on How to Braze Metal Like a Professional

Learn how to braze joint using brazing torch and rode with 3 different techniques. Find out what are the fundamental brazing procedures, which metals can be brazed and what is the purpose of the brazing.

How to Sharpen a Sword Like a Lord

Learn to sharpen sword and katana using whetstone, sandpaper and file. Find the best sharpening stones.


How To Choose Grinding Wheel

Let Makers Legacy Experts Help You Choose the Right Grinding Wheel Everything about Type of Abrasives, Grit size, Bond Strength ...

What is Brazing

Learn what is brazing, how strong brazing is, what is filler metal and fundamental methods and techniques.


Motorcycle Bell Rules

Here is a dozen of motorcycle bell rules. Some seem like they were around forever, some seem more superstitious and fairy tale like than the others, and some were altered over time

Knife Blade Design

All you need to know about knife design, knife blade types, and blade shapes is in this article. Read a dead-simple guide to knife blade design.


How To Polish Stainless Steel

Want to know how to polish stainless steel? Here are 7 proven methods to restore stainless steel and polish to a mirror finish.

7 Methods on How to Sand Glass

Want to learn how to sand glass This is the article for you 7 ways to smooth glass edges using Dremel, sanding paper, torch, emery cloth, drill, silicon carbide disks, sticks and powder


10 Minute Guide to Know Everything About Brazing Steel

Learn the basics of brazing steel easily and how to braze steel. Read the reasons why braze stainless steel, how to use a propane torch, how to braze aluminum to steel, and brass to steel.

What is Best Knife Making Steel?

This is article every hobby and new knifemaker MUST read Learn what is the best knife steel, 10 most important characteristics of knife making steel and what steel you should choose for your blade.

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