Motorcycle Bell

Motorcycle Bell Rules & 10 Best Picks for 2022

Like with all powerful talismans, there are certain rules to the motorcycle bell that one must follow. A few rules are generally accepted and well known, while others came to be as a result of different interpretations, hard-core superstition and imagination.

Handling the bell and the understanding of it was interpreted more and more loosely over time, a certain portion of the biker community tends to buy one because it looks pretty darn cool without paying much attention to its original rituals and rules.

The most important rules of the bell would be as follows:

Rule #1: Never buy your own bell

In order for the bell to work, it must be received as a gift. Its magical powers are activated by the gesture of goodwill and care, and the bell becomes especially powerful if received from a fellow rider.

Rule #2: Never hang your own bell

Probably originated from the Old Bike’s Tale, the bell should be hung on your bike by the person who gave it to you. Not only does the person give the sacred gift to you with intentional goodwill, but he or she makes sure that the protection is activated with goodwill intentions as well.

Rule #3: Never leave your bell behind

If you sell your motorcycle, never leave it on the bike for the new owner. The bell should be cherished for what it represents, so you should take it off, keep it or transfer it to a new bike. If you want to give the bell to the new owner as a gift, you’ll have to take it off and personally hand it over. If you don’t give the bell with goodwill that is intentional, it won’t have protective properties.

Rule #4: Attach it to the lowest part of the frame

Since the little gremlins lurk by the side of the road, they usually grab the motorcycles from below. If you place the bell as low as possible and closer to the front, you’ll ensure that that’s the first thing they’ll grab and that they are instantly captured by it without a chance of doing mischief.

Rule #5: A stolen bell loses its powers

The motorcycle bell is all about good intentions, so stolen together with the bike, it will lose its powers and gremlins will run free. The thief won’t stand a chance.

Rule #6: The bell should be occasionally cleaned and polished

Every time the bike is cleaned, the bell should be polished. One must think of all the fallen friends while doing it, which is a way of paying them respect. One must also remember the meaning of being in the wind and the importance of being free. Oh, and it makes the bell nice and shiny.

Where Do You Put a Motorcycle Bell?

Rule #3 has been discussed a lot, and people new to this traditional usual ask the logical question: “Where do you put a motorcycle bell?” Traditionally, the bell was hung as low as possible without hitting obstacles, but it seems that many bikers don’t pay much attention to this rule anymore. They hang it anywhere from the front lower fork to the license plate. It depends on personal preference, and, well, how superstitious and traditional you exactly are.

A lot of other very specific rules do exist, and probably a lot of different bikers know about different rules. It’s like with all folk tales and beliefs – they change over time, incorporating beliefs of different individuals who incorporate them into tradition. For example, they say not only should a fellow biker hang the bell on your bike, but you mustn’t touch the bell at all until it’s on the bike; or you cannot receive the bell as a gift before you make a ride of at least 100 miles, or some say there are specific rules to retiring the bell and paying it respect.

Apparently, you should get a mason jar and put the motorcycle bell in it. Then, you should cover it with a quarter of a gallon of motorcycle oil, close it up and put it on a shelf. They say the oil will continue to keep the gremlins away, while the bell will get its peaceful resting place.

Anyway, as the motorcycle club culture and community gained popularity, many accessory manufacturers began to make and sell motorcycle bells. Contrary to the strong original belief that the motorcycle bells should never be purchased, only given as a gift from one fellow biker to another, manufacturers found a way around the story. It’s completely ok to buy a bell for yourself, as it actually has enough protective powers to keep you safe. If given as a gift, however, the protective super-powers are doubled.

So, if buying a motorcycle bell and giving it away as a present has double powers, the hand-made bell must have triple-protection powers for sure! So, have you ever thought about making one yourself and giving it to dear friends to keep them safe? If you have the skills and the right tools, put making a bell on the top of your list!

10 Best Motorcycle Bells to Offer as a Gift in 2022

1.      Guardian Bell Live to Ride

Guardian Bell Live to Ride

Guardian is one of the most notable names in the biker’s industry, and you won’t go wrong by choosing its Live to Ride motorcycle bell. It is an excellent gift to your motorcyclist friend, who’ll be lucky to have it. You can attach it to a motorcycle or use it as a key ring. The package includes a legend card and gift bag.

The item weighs 1.12 ounces and is 4.29 x 2.4 x 0.87. It is made of sturdy materials that ensure durability and many years of good luck.

PROS// Attach it to your motorcycle or a key ring; Made in the USA; The package comes with a legend card and gift bag.

CONS// Some customers claim that they didn’t receive the item, only the sheet art.

2.      Guardian Bell Middle Finger

Guardian Bell Middle Finger

The Middle Finger design by Guardian Bell is among the most popular motorcycle bell designs among bikers. It is an ideal gift to all the riders who want to bring a dose of sass to the road. It is believed that this bell won’t allow evil spirits to cause mechanical failures or make potholes appear on the road. But, does this magic come from the bell or the middle finger?

Your biker friend will love the sassy design and the fact that the bell is made in the USA. The item weighs 0.32 ounces, and its dimensions are 2.5 x 2.3 x 1.1 inches.

PROS// Sassy middle finger design; Lead-free pewter material; Inspired by the legend of evil road spirits.

CONS// Some buyers claim that the bell may not be worth the price because it wears quickly.

3.      Handful Guardian Biker Bell with Hanger

Handful Guardian Biker Bell with Hanger

Another popular item among road enthusiasts is a Handful Guardian Biker Bell with Hanger. It is a common choice due to its playful design, which attracts most male riders’ attention. Customers agree that the product is high-quality and that even the smallest details are incredibly visible.

It is quite an exciting guardian angel that repels evil spirits and keeps your loved ones safe on the road. It weighs 1.83 ounces, and its dimensions are 3 x 3 x 1 inch. It is an excellent gift for husbands and boyfriends.

PROS// Playful design; Sturdy; Keyring, a black velvet pouch, and the legend of the bell included in the package.

CONS// Some customers didn’t receive a hanger, or their bell doesn’t ring.

4.      Bravo Bells The 2nd Amendment Bell

Bravo Bells The 2nd Amendment Bell

The Bravo Bells The 2nd Amendment Bell is an excellent gift for true patriots. It is made in the USA, using state-of-the-art material and powers to drive away gremlins. It is a great way to remind fellow bikers to drive safely. The most exciting part about this item is the rules you should follow to drive away gremlins efficiently – if you hand it from the lowest part of the bike, gremlins will be trapped in its hollow if they try to take over your bike. If you put it on the front, the ringing will drive them away.

The manufacturer suggests that the magic is stronger if you receive this bell as a gift from a friend or a loved one. And don’t forget to keep it if you decide to sell your bike.

PROS// Excellent design; Top-notch protection from gremlins; Potent magical powers.

CONS// It attracts gremlins if you steal it from someone else’s bike.

5.      Guardian® Praying Hands Motorcycle Riding Bell

Guardian Praying Hands Motorcycle Riding Bell

The Guardian® Praying Hands Motorcycle Riding Bell is a thoughtful gift for your beloved bikers to remind them you’re praying for their safety when they are on the road. It is a nicely made item to make someone happy because it’s their birthday or simply because you love them and care for their safety.

This lucky charm is well-made and can be used for various purposes. Many customers bought it in honor of someone’s passing or other situations to express their prayerful intentions.

The item’s weight is 0.96 ounces, and its dimensions are 1 x 1 x 1 inch.

PROS// Top-quality motorcycle bell; The Guardian Bell legend included; Compact and easy to attach.

CONS// Some customers say that the bell is too shiny.

6.      Don’t Tread On Me Guardian Bell

Don't Tread On Me Guardian Bell

If you want to help your beloved bikers scare off trolls and gremlins on the road, Don’t Tread On Me Guardian Bell will do the job. It will encourage the rider to drive more safely and with more confidence – after all, they are fully protected from the evil creatures.

You can give it to your biker friend as a gift for their new motorcycle or remind them you care about them. The package comes with a lovely gift bag and the background story about the good luck the bell brings.

The bell’s size is 1 x 1 x 1 and weighs 1 ounce.

PROS// Bold, snake-inspired design; You can hear the bell ringing on trails; Excellent quality and fair price.

CONS// Some buyers say the bell is too small.

7.      Bravo Bells Skull Dragon Diamond Bell

Bravo Bells Skull Dragon Diamond Bell

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a bold, fearless biker, look no further than Bravo Bells Skull Dragon Diamond Bell. It is believed that its dragon-inspired design will trap the gremlins and prevent them from placing their devilish devices on the road to break your bike. According to the legend, gremlins are afraid of ringing bells. Do you need more reasons to get one?

This USA-made motorcycle bell comes with a 24mm nickel-plated ring, velveteen drawstring black gift bag, and Bravo Bells legend card. It weighs 0.634 ounces, and its dimensions are 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches.

PROS// Attractive design; You can hear the ringing; Exciting background story.

CONS// Don’t try to steal it from someone else’s bike. That way, it attracts gremlins.

8.      Guardian Bell Biker Cat Motorcycle Riding Bell

Guardian Bell Biker Cat Motorcycle Riding Bell

You must admit that the cat on the Biker Cat Motorcycle Riding Bell doesn’t look friendly. And it is not. If gremlins, trolls, and other evil road creatures try to take over your bike, the cat will scare them off, so they won’t dare to do it again.

This interesting motorcycle bell will impress your fellow bikers, and anyone who gives it to you cares a lot about your safety (or knows you are a secret cat person). It is pretty sturdy, cute, and gremlin-resistant. So what else do you need?

The bell’s size is 1 x 1 x 1 inches and weighs 0.3 ounces only.

PROS// You can use it as a key ring; Excellent quality; It comes in a gift bag.

CONS// Some customers received the wrong bells.

9.      American Flag Guardian Bell

American Flag Guardian Bell

The American Flag Guardian Bell is another brilliant gift for your biker friend who loves Uncle Sam. It is a simple motorcycle bell with one prominent detail – the American flag. The bell is believed to be the amulet that protects from inexplicable motorcycle failures caused by the evil road spirits.

The bell carries twice as much magic when given as a gift. It is an excellent way to show someone how much you care, so don’t hesitate to offer them the utmost protection against the evil road spirits.

This USA-made motorcycle bell weighs 0.6 ounces and is 1 x 1 x 1 inch big.

PROS// Stunning American symbol; Durable; A pleasant, high-pitched ring.

CONS// It doesn’t come with a hanger.

10.      Viking Helmet Skull Motorcycle Biker Bell

Viking Helmet Skull Motorcycle Biker Bell

A state-of-the-art Viking Helmet Skull Motorcycle Biker Bell keeps both your Drakkar and motorcycle safe from evil spirits that appear everywhere. The horned helmet and the frightening skull will scare off any troll or gremlin, preventing them from deploying their devilish plans.

With this lucky charm, you won’t need Mjolnir or Odin’s help. It will fully protect you and your fellow bikers from any potential inconveniences. Its size is 1 x 1 x 0.2 inches and weighs only 0.317 ounces. It is small but powerful enough to cause a new Ragnarök.

PROS// Viking-inspired motorcycle bell; Heavy and sturdy; Intimidates road gremlins indeed.

CONS// Some customers believe that this item’s price is too high.