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Best Gun Oil: 5 Top Picks in 2022 and Ultimate Buying Guide

Whether you have just become a proud firearm owner or an experienced weapon enthusiast, you must know that taking proper care of your gun is quintessential for extending its lifespan and ensuring its peak performance. A gun cleaning oil forms an integral part of regular gun maintenance and choosing the best one should be your top priority.

With so many gun oils available on the market, you might not be sure which product could be a go-to choice for your weapon. And many factors, including oil type, thickness, and viscosity, will impact your final decision. Choosing a suitable gun lube means you care about your firearm and want to ensure its maximum power – but where to buy the best gun lube?

You are in the right place to learn more about the gun oil core characteristics, types, and the most reputable brands you can purchase directly from Amazon and enjoy fast delivery and superior product quality.

Best Gun Oil: What to Look For?

Here are some essential things to keep in mind when choosing the best gun oil:

  • Non-toxic formula: It is vital to choose the product that features a non-toxic formula and is safe for you and those around you. Since there is no guarantee that the oil won’t touch your skin when you’re applying it, it is critical to opt for a safe product.
  • Long-lasting formula: The best gun oil provides long-lasting results and ensures your weapon’s optimum performance even if you decide to pull the trigger after some time.
  • Rust-resistance: Some weapon enthusiasts prefer products that protect their guns from rust caused by salty air or water. If you are one of them, make sure you get the best gun lubricant that keeps your firearm safe from rust for years to come.
  • Temperature-resistance: If you want your gun to work even in low temperatures and cold weather, it is vital to find the gun oil that can withstand even harsh climate.
  • Compatibility: While some cleaners work well with different types of firearms, others are designed for addressing only certain kinds of weapons. Therefore, be careful when choosing gun oil for your gun.

Oil Viscosity, Color and Thickness

Other features you may find helpful when shopping for the best firearm oil are the following:

  • Thickness: While thinner oils spread faster on the metallic parts of the gun and don’t get rub off easily, they might not be the best choice for humid and hot climates. Under these circumstances, you better go for thicker oils. They will stick to your gun’s surface, protecting it from evaporation.
  • Viscosity: Highly-viscous oils tend to flow slower than low-viscous ones. That said, when applying low-viscose oil, you can expect it to seep easily to different parts of the gun. But if you want to have better control over the oiled parts, go for high-viscose oil.
  • Oil color: We suggest you choose a gun oil that has a contrasting color with your weapon. This will allow you to find the parts you need to oil without missing an inch.

Best Gun Oil Types and Application Methods

There are the three most common types of gun lube:

  • Oils for enhanced function and lubrication: These are usually synthetic oils designed to withstand high pressure and heat resulting from shooting firearms. These oils can enhance your gun’s reliability and function.
  • Cleaning oils: These are all-purpose gun oils that might not deliver the performance you expect but are excellent for protecting your weapon from corrosion and keeping it clean.
  • Greases: Firearm grease is an excellent choice for cleaning weapons, especially if you’re looking for lubrication that lasts. Namely, grease will stay where you put it and won’t run like most oils. However, grease is not suitable for cold weather.

There are multiple gun oiling methods you can consider, and most of them depend on your weapon assembling/disassembling experience. If you don’t have much experience in this field, opt for easy-to-apply oils.

The most common oiling application methods are:

  • Spraying: This method involves applying the oil with a pressurized device. Although it is easy to use, it is not convenient for addressing the inner parts of the gun.
  • Needle applicators: Oils meant for this kind of application often come with an extended opening similar to a needle. The long opening allows you to reach all the parts of the gun.
  • Wipes: These oiling products are pre-soaked in oil, and you only need to run them on your firearm’s surface. The wipes allow you to cover all the parts evenly, but they won’t help with hard-to-access parts.
  • No specified mechanism: Some products, especially thick ones, don’t involve any application method. If you opt for them, get a cloth, dip it in oil, and apply it on the surface of your gun. This gives you better control of the amount you use, but you need to be careful not to over-apply the product.

What is the Best Gun Oil in 2022: Top 5 US-Made Product for Weapon Enthusiasts

We have tested dozens of gun oils and chosen the 5 best solutions for keeping your firearm clean and functional in the long run. We have considered their features, application methods, versatility, and price.

1. Best Overall: Hoppe’s 9 Elite Gun Cleaning Kit

Hoppe’s 9 Elite Gun Cleaning Kit

Key features// High viscosity; Needle-point applicator; Lifetime warranty.

Hoppe’s 9 Elite Gun Cleaning Kit has been widely used to clean all types of firearms with a high efficiency level. Its formula allows it to penetrate deeply into the gun, clean all its parts, and protect it from potential damages in the future.

This is the best gun cleaning oil kit that will exceed all your expectations. It is easy to use due to the needle-point applicator that allows seamless and precise application for lubricating all the parts of your firearm. It works well with a broad range of weapons, including Remington 11-87 Semi-Auto shotgun, Mossberg 500, etc.

Another thing we find great about this gun oiling kit is that it doesn’t require any brushes or hardware to get the job done. Besides, we noticed a significant improvement in performance and lubrication after a single application. We were a bit disappointed by the bottle size, which is small considering the price.

PROS// 3-in-1 package; Versatile; Long-term protection; High-viscosity refined oil.

CONS// Unpleasant smell.

2. Best Premium: Militec-1


Key features// Medium viscosity; Reduced emissions; Enhanced reliability.

Militec-1 is the best premium gun oil that restores your firearm’s reliability and optimum function. Although it is listed as a vehicle oil, Militec-1 can be the best firearm lubricant you have ever used. It performs well on the metal gun, ensuring its long-term shine, purity, and performance.

Apart from being the best high-performance product we’ve reviewed, we can agree that Militec-1 is the best gun oil for AR-15. It makes a noticeable difference in a gun’s performance, even with a couple of drops. This oil is generally convenient for metal surfaces, and you can use it on hair clippers, hinges, etc.

Militec-1 will keep your gun protected for a long time, keeping it safe from dust and sand in a desert environment. The only thing you might find unattractive is its price.

PROS// High-performance product; Improves the gun’s reliability; Prevents wear and tear on heavy-use guns; Excellent for protecting metal surfaces.

CONS// Pricey.

3. Best Value: Hoppe’s 9 Synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil

Hoppe’s 9 Synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil

Key features// Barrier against moisture and corrosion; Made in the USA; It can withstand the toughest situations and environments.

If you want to get great value for money, look no further than Hoppe’s 9 Synthetic Blend Lubricating Oil. What you can expect from this reputable name is enhanced quality and ultimate protection for all the parts of your gun, including hard-to-reach areas.

This is not the cheapest gun oil on the market, but the quality you get for the price goes beyond your expectations. It is quite a potent synthetic gun oil with the right amount of viscosity. It won’t show any sign of gumming or failure to lubricate, and its versatility allows you to use it for a broad range of applications, including fishing reels.

You can use this gun oil on a 30-30 Lever Acton Marlin, Saiga Shotgun, or any other gun type that hasn’t been cleaned for a while and needs an instant performance boost. However, most customers would prefer a non-synthetic oil.

PROS// Protects against corrosion; Suitable for modern firearms; Reduces wear and tear; Delivers smooth feel.

CONS// Customers prefer non-synthetic oils.

4. Best Oil for Walnut Gun Stocks: Furniture Clinic Boiled Linseed Oil

Furniture Clinic Boiled Linseed Oil

Key features// Leaves glossy finish on the wood; Perfect for all types of wood; Long-lasting results.

If you’re looking for a product to keep your wooden gun stocks clean and glossy, we highly recommend the Furniture Clinic Boiled Linseed Oil. It is incredibly efficient for shining a European walnut stock and removing all the scratches from it. This oil creates a long-lasting weatherproof coating that will protect the wood for years to come.

The oil is easy to apply and dries pretty quickly. You can use it on furniture, plastics, and wooden surfaces in general. This is a high-quality linseed oil you can use on gun stocks that need a dose of refurbishment and next-level gloss.

This oil provides excellent value for money, and you can use it multiple times before you empty the entire bottle. Still, you must be cautious when using it because it is highly combustible, and the manufacturer doesn’t provide clear instructions on preventing potential fire.

PROS// Provides nice, glossy finish; Polishes dry and old wood; Removes minor scratches from gun stocks; Money-back guarantee.

CONS// Highly combustible.

5. Best Gun Oil for Glock: Lucas Oil 10006 Multi-Colored Gun Oil

Lucas Oil 10006 Multi-Colored Gun Oil

Key features// Eco-friendly; Odorless; Suitable for long-term storage.

If you need high-quality gun oil to lubricate your Glock, we suggest the Lucas Oil 1006 Multi-Colored Gun Oil. It can penetrate deeply into all the parts of your gun, providing superior lubrication and protection from high temperatures.

You can rely on this oil to resist high combustion temperatures and peak performance even if you plan on using your firearm for a whole day. This product won’t evaporate quickly, which is why we consider it the best gun oil to prevent rust and moisture. That way, it keeps your gun functional for a long time.

Overall, this oil is an excellent choice for Glock and hunting weapons. The only thing that could be better is the applicator because this one leaks a lot.

PROS// Odorless; Weather-resistant; Thick; Made in the USA.

CONS// Gets sticky when it’s hot.

How to Oil a Gun?

Roll up your sleeves and get to work – follow the 8 simple steps to learn how to oil a gun like a pro and boost your ammo with a special dose of performance and shine.

First and foremost – ensure the gun is not loaded and remove the magazine!

  • Step 1: Use an appropriate brush to run solvent through the barrel.
  • Step 2: Use a towel to wipe everything off.
  • Step 3: Apply solvent on dirty areas and wipe them off.
  • Step 4: Run bore brush through several times.
  • Step 5: Take a clean patch and run through the barrel; Repeat the process until satisfied.
  • Step 6: Oil rails, bearing surfaces, and springs.
  • Step 7: Run an oily patch through a barrel.
  • Step 8: Reassemble the gun and perform a safety check.


Do I Need to Use Gun Oil?

If you don’t use good gun oil, your weapon will soon show signs of wear. The gun oil protects your gun from corrosion and works as a barrier, allowing the working parts to move smoothly over one another. So, the answer is yes. You need the best gun oil to extend your firearm lifespan and ensure its long-lasting and optimal performance.

Do Gun Oils Contain Additives?

Manufacturers use different formulas in their products, including additives. Additives make the oil a bit thicker, allowing it to stay on the gun for longer. Other ingredients you may find in products are anti-corrosion elements and detergents that help clean more quickly and more efficiently.

Do I Need to Disassemble the Gun When Cleaning?

Yes! To ensure your weapon is cleaned thoroughly, you must address all its parts, including those you cannot see.

Can Gun Oil Fix Wear and Tear?

It cannot reverse the current signs of wear and tear, but it can prevent further damage.

How Often to Use Gun Oil?

Every manufacturer has its own guidelines regarding the frequency of use. Still, a rule of thumb says that you don’t need to clean your gun with oil until you’ve reached several hundreds of rounds with your weapon.