how to remove rust from gun

5 Simple Ways on How to Remove Rust of a Gun and Prevent Corrosion

No matter you place a gun in the back of a wardrobe, behind a car seat or in an in-ground stash, taking the time to protect them versus the ravages of time and nature will provide it live long enough for your offspring to use.

Rust occurs on guns because they are typically metal object. Even the best arm can scratch and fade over time, and rust just shows inevitably. Carry guns are rust friendly because of proximity they have with the human body. The human body is a big rust maker because of sweat. Sweat actually ruins guns. If you live in humidity areas, guns can rust rapidly.

Most modern guns are anodized with a coating that guards against rust. Anyhow, even anodized and blued surfaces can’t stop rust forever. In this article, we’ll show some easy techniques on how to remove rust from a gun.

How to Remove Heavy Rust from a Gun with Dremel


Age or exposure of firearms to the humidity or ambient air can make rusted spots on your favorite gun. To avoid that “rusted situation” use Dremel rotary tool with rubber bonded small abrasive wheels.

They’re made of silicon carbide and are ideal for operations such as: removing rust from old guns, removing trigger serrations, removing stretches, rounding edges, cleaning up the worn or damaged pistol and rifle markings and engravings, polishing flash pan, bolts and feed ramps, smoothing the surface and getting almost mirror finish, jeweling a rifle bolt or pistol barrel, etc.

Removing Rust from Gun with Steel Wool

When you’re cleaning a gun, the abrasive material has a crucial impact. Applying wrong abrasive material can ruin the finish of the firearm. Using a steel wool pad is an effective method to remove rust from a gun. It’s smooth and easy to use.

Lubrication plays an essential role in rust removal also. Any kind of oil can be applied for this project. There are plenty of oils that are specially made for firearms. You can use cooking oil and ‘3 in 1’ oil. Napkins or some used newspapers are the things that you need too.

Follow the lines below on how to remove heavy rust from a gun.

Double-check if the gun is loaded or not. If it’s loaded, then unload it to ensure your safety.

Try to keep the work area steady and quiet to keep your focus. Use the napkins or newspapers for collecting the wastes and for other cleaning needs.

Put the gun calmly so that it doesn’t move while cleaning. Always keep the gun pointed in a direction that is safe because there is a possibility of getting misfired if the gun is loaded.

Pour oil on and around the rusted surface. Avoid using large amounts of oil. Apply a few drops.

Use the steel wool pad as an abrasive material to rub the gun surface. Don’t use much pressure so the finish of the gun would be ruined.

The finish of the firearm might be damaged if done improperly. Then you add gun cleaner on steel wool and rub it lightly on the rusted area. After some time wipe the gun with the napkins or and check it thoroughly.

If the rust stays, rerun the process again, until the gun becomes rust free.

Cleaning Rust of Gun with Oil


Make sure that before beginning rust removal process, you feel the texture of the gun so that later on you can see the difference after you’re done the job. This is the most effortless technique of all, just read the instructions below.

Always, double-check that the gun is unloaded to avoid injuring yourself or others.

First, apply the firearm oil on the rusted surface, don’t add a lot of oil.

Let the oil to sit for a while to loosen the rust grip on the surface, and this will boost the contact of oil and rust. That cause loosens the grip of rust on the gun.

Apply a cotton cloth to wipe its surface. Skip using large amounts of oil as much as possible.

If the rust remains, keep cleaning the surface until the gun becomes rust free. This depends on the depth of rust on the arm.

Use soft steel wool or copper brush to rub the surface. Ensure that your index finger can move through a circular manner as you guide the steel wool on the rust areas. Repeat the operation until you have a sheen surface. If you are done a good work, you will see the clean oil changing color from being clear to a rusty color.

Remove the surface sediments that may be there during the rust removal. At the end of the process just clean the gun with a cotton cloth, and that’s all.

Battery Changer as Gun Rust Remover

This is an excellent solution of removing rust, it’s mostly recommended for copper, brass, aluminum and alloy sort of firearms. For this method, you need a plastic container, steel rod, baking soda, and battery charger. Be extremely careful while doing this task and inspect is your gun loaded.

Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with a gallon of water and you make electrolyte. Then put steel rood cautiously in a container, the rode will be anode (positive terminal), and the cathode will be the solution.

Connect the cathode to the rusted surface and anode to the rod, make sure that charger is plugged in. Bubbles in water show that the process is going on. Let it sit there for three to five hours. After that, just remove the gun parts and wipe it with a cotton cloth. This is one of the best ways how to clean a gun with household items.

How to Get Rust Off a Gun With WD-40


It’s an option recommended by many gun industry owners because of its moisture displacement and rust preventing properties. Before applying the WD-40 solution be sure that arm isn’t loaded.

This technique is quite simple. First, you need to put the arm on the flat surface. Then, spray the WD-40 solution on the rust area. Let the solution stay on rust surface for 24 hours and then respray it. Wipe the surface with a rag or a napkin, and you got a brand-new gun again.

Preventive Measures Against Rust


The quickest method to prevent rust from returning is to wipe down all gun surfaces with a dry cloth. The moisture accumulation, especially salt water speeds up the steel oxidation and iron surfaces.

The drier the gun, the less possibility there is for rust to show. If you put unused firearms in a safe with a desiccant, the desiccant can eliminate surplus water from the air.

So, the key to preventing rust is to keep it as dry as possible. Regular maintenance and cleaning, once or twice a month should be sufficient for most arms.

Best Storage Conditions


To be the most efficient at preventing rust, you must store a gun in a cool, dry place. If you want to be very precise, the NRA National Firearms Museum keeps their collection stored at a constant 70°, and 50 to 55%  humidity.

For most folks, this stage of precision is not easily reachable, so just try to store it in the driest place you can and that way, you prevent rust appearance on the firearm for some period. Avoid places like attics, garages, and the trunk of a truck. It is also an excellent option to skip leaving guns in their cases, as these can often be a trap for moisture and cause rust.

Still, you can pack all the dehumidifiers in your gun, but it won’t prevent a firearm from corroding if you forget to clean them after using. If you really want your gun stays rust free, you will need to provide they are clean, properly oiled, and stored in a dry, cool place. If you can achieve all of these things, it should be the crux that your guns stay in best condition for an extended period.

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