What is Brazing?

Brazing is the operation of joining 2 pieces of metal that incorporates employing of heat and addition of filler metal. Filler metal, features a lower melting point than the metals to be joined, is typically pre-placed or fed into the joint while the parts are heated.
how to braze

How to Braze?

Learn 3 Best Ways Braze Metal Like a Professional. Of all the techniques available for metal joining, brazing may be the most versatile. Brazed joints have high tensile strength since they’re often stronger than the two metals being bonded together.
brazing aluminum

How to Braze Aluminum?

Brazing aluminum is more challenging than brazing other metals since the melting points of the base metal, and the filler is close. At the same time, brazing aluminum produces an oxide layer on the surface.
Brazing Copper

Brazing Copper Essentials

With global industrialization, certain features of copper became pivotal for brazing operations, such as resistance to atmospheric corrosion excellent, high resistance to chemical attack, and superb electrical/thermal conductivity.
brazing steel

Everything About Brazing Steel

Brazing is favored joining technology by most custom frame builders working with steel. It’s a process for joining steel, copper, brass, aluminum, or any two metals with a filler material that melts, flows, and wets the metals’ surfaces at a temperature that’s lower than metals’ melting temperature.