Make It Spark: Cutting Metal

There are two main stages of cutting metal: rough cutting and finish cutting. The purpose of roughing cuts is to remove large amounts of material from the workpiece to create a shape that closely resembles the shape you intended to create. The purpose of finishing cuts is to further remove material to create the exact shape you intended to create.

No matter if you are a fabricator, a welder or constructor, you're going to have to cut metal at some point for your project. At this point it will be crucial to choose the right tool for the job you are performing, because the wrong tool can mess up your project. And you don't want that.

Metal-cutting technology is essential in today's era and it requires skilled craftsmanship. The technology has evolved over time, so today we can find many different advanced metals cutting tools, designed to provide precision and speed. Despite the evolution and new technologies, you won't see a metal workshop with some of the most basic hand metal-cutting tools.

This article will help you choose the right tools for your metal-cutting needs by presenting most common metal-cutting tools. If still puzzled about the right type of cutting tool for your next project after reading this article, make sure you consult an expert, distributor or the manufacturer.