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20 Best Roofing Tools and Equipment for Professionals & DIYers – 2022 Edition

Whether you are a professional roofer or a DIY-er, one thing is certain: you are only as good as the roofing tools you use.

Homeowners seldom go up on their own roofs. When roofing problems arise, most homeowners simply contact professionals to handle the work. Contrary to popular belief, roofing jobs do not have to be as difficult as they appear. Minor repairs are easily within most DIYers’ capabilities if they are prepared and have the necessary tools. Knowing what roofing tools you will need to make a repair is the first step in preparation. Aside from a ladder and nail gun, a complete roofers tools include some specific gear. Attempting to fix your roof without sufficient preparation can be inconvenient, if not dangerous.

We will go over each tool in-depth so you know what to look for when you buy it. You will learn what each instrument is used for, as well as what alternative tools are available and what benefits they may provide. To cut shingles, for example, you could use a roofing knife or a utility knife. We will go over the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can decide which is best for your company.

How can you determine which are must-have roofing tools? This is where we can help. Please continue reading to take a look at our roofing tools list and learn about the critical roofing equipment that every handyperson should have.

Reviews of Roofing Tools and Accessories

Roofers and their employees must choose the best types and dimensions of tools for the project they are working on. Not only do tools play an important role, but there is also some other roofing equipment that must be used. Roofing hard hats, gloves, and other critical safety gears are among the equipment that must be used during the procedure. With the help of these general and specialty roofing tools and safety equipment, one may not only execute roofing tasks more conveniently and safely but also more successfully and without the risk of injury.

Specialty Roofing Tools

1.      Metabo HPT Pneumatic Roofing Nailer

Metabo HPT Pneumatic Roofing Nailer

One of the most popular coil roofing nailers (NV45AB2) is also one of the lightest, with just 5.5 lbs., making it an ideal tool for fast-paced work environments. It has a revolutionary cylinder valve firing mechanism that allows you to fire up to 3 nails per second, and it has rapid driving and exceptionally quick response. The Metabo roofing nailer will fire all conventional roofing nails ranging in size from 7/8” to 1-3/4”. Its depth of drive adjustment allows the user to drive the nail to the required depth at 70 to 120 PSI operating pressure.

WHAT WE LIKED // Easy to use, Well made, Great price tag

CHECK LATEST PRICE // Nail feeder occasionally jams

2. DeWalt Pancake Air Compressor

DeWalt Pancake Air Compressor

With the previous tool, Metabo pneumatic nailer, you will need an air compressor. This portable air compressor’s 165 maximum PSI 6.0 gallon tank (22.7 L) and 2.6 SCFM supplied by a 90 PSI pump allow long tool run time and quick recovery. The compressor’s high-efficiency motor is designed for easy start-up in cold weather or when using an extension cord. The noise level of 78.5 dBA is intended for a quiet working environment. The DEWALT portable air compressor’s high flow regulator and couplers are designed to maximize air tool performance. The pump is oil-free and maintenance-free, which allows for long life. An extra hose would be a nice addition, as bringing a compressor onto a roof can be extremely dangerous.

WHAT WE LIKED // Adequate tank pressure, Pretty light, Sturdy carrying handle, Convenient rubber feet

CHECK LATEST PRICE // Noise volume is not correct

3.      Guardian Shingle Removal Shovel

Guardian Shingle Removal Shovel

Guardian fall protection shingle ripper is a roofing tear-off tool for removing shingles and nails from flat roofs. It is made to work with fiberglass or asphalt shingles. It is made of steel and is capable of working under harsh conditions. The handle on this shingle is constructed of high-quality vinyl and is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. This shingle tool’s work edge is heat-treated, making it powerful enough to remove nails and shingles – it pulls up to 16D nails with the pull.

Although it is 54” long, it weighs amazing 7 lbs. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to handle this shovel and how few muscles are needed. If your roof is steep and you cannot stand while using this tool, the shorter D handle shingle removal tool is preferable to this longer tool.

WHAT WE LIKED // Very sturdy, Economic

CHECK LATEST PRICE // The back end of the handle is squared off and can wear a palm a lot

4.      SolidWork Professional Hand Caulking Gun

SolidWork Professional Hand Caulking Gun

The SolidWork cartridge gun’s high 24:1 leverage allows for comfortable and fatigue-free use even over long periods of time or in colder temperatures. The riveted steel cartridge holder is comprised of lightweight aluminum alloy, as has the ergonomic handle. Particularly vulnerable places are also riveted, making them break-proof. With the inbuilt needle, cartridges can be applied quickly. The caulking gun’s design makes it simple to maintain – simply soak a towel or sponge in water and soap. The gun can handle cartridges up to a tenth of a gallon in size. As a result, it can be used with any conventional sealant or adhesive cartridge.

WHAT WE LIKED // Convenient ladder hook, Maximum precision, Easy to use

CHECK LATEST PRICE // Lacks tip cutter slot on the handle

5.      Spec Ops Pry Bar Crowbar

Spec Ops Pry Bar Crowbar

This 15” flat bar is 20% thicker for maximum prying force, making it one of the most helpful demolition tools. It is ideal for roofers removing nails, clapboard siding, or plywood, as well as basic demo work. With several nail pullers for increased leverage, this bar is designed to be incredibly versatile and robust. When prying the most tenacious of nail heads, the curved rocker end is designed for sharpshooter control. These broad, precision-honed beveled ends help by allowing for easier penetration with less damage on any job site. For ultimate durability, this long, flat roofing hand tool is made of high-carbon, spring-tempered steel.

WHAT WE LIKED // Meets MIL-SPEC standard, Strong and sturdy build

CHECK LATEST PRICE // None that we found

6.      AJC Roofing Hatchet Hammer

AJC Roofing Hatchet Hammer

A roofing hatchet with magnets is made of a durable material that can resist heavy use on the job site. The magnet head holds roofing nails perfectly, while it also holds underlayment cap nails amazingly. It is of a decent size and very strong. This tool is simple to use with a built-in utility blade, sliding gauge, and nail claw. You can go almost as fast as a cap gun once you get used to it.

The nail puller is only useful if the nail is more than a little protruding; otherwise, you will not be able to get under it. We appreciate that it accepts both hook and straight blades; it can cut shingles with either blade. It is of good quality and should last for a long time.

WHAT WE LIKED // The weight and balance are ideal, Magnet is big and strong

CHECK LATEST PRICE // We would like a longer swing instead of a slip-resistant handle

7.      BOSTITCH Hammer Stapler/Tacker

BOSTITCH Hammer Stapler-Tacker

To properly install the roofing system, you need to start with felt paper, which is rolled out across the sheathing. Before installing shingles, you will need to staple the paper in place, and the easiest way to do so is with a hammer tacker. The hammer tacker, which is swung overhand like a hammer, instantly breaks a staple into the sheathing, allowing you to install a course of felt paper quickly.

Choose a model with a slimmer profile and less of a broad, hefty head like Bostitch. Light and sleek models fit well in nail packs and weigh less, so our pick shoots a variety of staple sizes and comes with a convenient storage pouch.

WHAT WE LIKED // Quick load magazine, Compact tool, Very durable

CHECK LATEST PRICE // Does not take a standard hammer tacker staple

8.      Hurricane Tin Snips

Hurricane Tin Snips

Patented labor-saving design saves over 40% of cutting force, resulting in much less fatigue. Each aviation snip includes two leverage pivots for efficient cutting and energy savings. For optimal strength and durability, Hurricane used a drop-forged and heat-treated chrome molybdenum steel blade. Thanks to the simple latch and lock feature, your hands are kept safe and secure. When the blade is stored, this feature helps to protect the sharp cutting edge. The spring-loaded handle makes the cutting go much faster.

WHAT WE LIKED // Very smooth and accurate cut, Good overall build quality, Nice price

CHECK LATEST PRICE // Wish the blades are little longer

9.      Neiko Magnetic Sweeper

Neiko Magnetic Sweeper

After a roofing job, a roofing magnetic sweeper collects leftover nails. It is important to make every possible attempt to remove stray nails so that homeowners feel safe walking onto their lawn when you finish. This rolling tool can collect up to 30 lbs. of metal at a time, making it ideal for thorough cleaning around the house. It can roll over grass, dirt, driveways, and other challenging terrains. Every skilled roofing contractor should leave behind a tidy lawn and a clean roof. It is usual to have a lot of nails and staples throughout the house after a roofing job, so the magnetic sweeper is terrific roofing equipment for cleaning up all the metal debris. This Neiko magnetic sweeper thoroughly picks up nails, screws, staples, and other metal trash.

WHAT WE LIKED // Convenient extendable handle, Easy pull lever, Durable wheels

CHECK LATEST PRICE // It can be tricky to get the handle connected to the base

General Tools

10.      Little Giant Velocity Ladders

Little Giant Velocity Ladders

The Little Giant Velocity is a two-person ladder made of a unique alloy that is 20% lighter than any equivalent industrial-rated ladder. The Velocity also has some impressive new features, such as a dual-pin hinge and quick-adjust rock locks. As an A-frame, extension, staircase, and 90-degree ladder, the Velocity can be combined with Velocity Trestle Brackets (available separately) to create a trestle-and-plank scaffolding system. Wide-flared legs and aerospace-grade aluminum construction give these ladders an unrivaled sense of safety and stability. The Little Giant Velocity is a real two-person ladder that can hold 300 lbs. on both sides.

WHAT WE LIKED // Convenient tip & glide wheels, Solid construction, Easy to use

CHECK LATEST PRICE // A little heavier, Carefully extend the ladder as it can smash your fingers

11.      Gerber Gear EAB Lite Utility Knife

Gerber Gear EAB Lite Utility Knife

Roofers use utility knives or roofing hook blades for various tasks, including shingle cutting. This metal roofing tool is a pocket knife featuring a utility blade that can be replaced with either 2-1/4” contractor grade or standard size utility blades. From opening boxes to slicing rope, this pocket-sized cutter is ideal for a variety of activities, including cutting shingles, roof underlayment, and water and ice protectors.

This utility knife has a tapered design with rounded edges, deep finger grooves for a solid grip, and a stainless steel handle that may also be used as a pocket or money clip. The EAB Lite is 5.1” wide when open and 2.8” wide when closed. It is really light, weighing only 2.5 ounces.

WHAT WE LIKED // Easily & securely snaps open and shut, Convenient pocket clip, Lightweight

CHECK LATEST PRICE // The clip has a slightly cheap feel

12.      Craftsman Tape Measure

Craftsman Tape Measure

The value of a long-lasting tape measure, especially on a roofing job, cannot be over-emphasized. Look for a tape measure with a lengthy stand-out (the length a tape measure can be extended unsupported before snapping) and a wide hook for hands-free gripping onto surfaces. It will be used to put out straight, regular shingle courses with even reveals. A 25-foot variant will suffice for most roofing operations while being compact and lightweight in a nail bag, like our pick Craftsman.

The classic chrome finish of the Craftsman 25-foot tape measure is combined with modern features, including a rubber over-mold for enhanced grip and a multi-catch hook that can hold onto surfaces on either side of the blade. This 1” wide tape includes a large, easy-to-read text that is ideal for both DIYers and professionals.

WHAT WE LIKED // Very durable, Good grip, Great print

CHECK LATEST PRICE // Lacks metric measurements

13.      Bucket Boss – Builder’s Tool Belt

Bucket Boss - Builder’s Tool Belt

The Builder’s tool belt is designed for serious home improvement work. This set is made of 600 denier poly ripstop. It features an infinity belt with strong steel grommets that can be adjusted up to a 52” waist. Extra carrying capacity is provided by barrel-bottom reinforced pouches, which can be detached and placed on the belt. One steel hammer holder is included, as well as a loop for hammers or other long-handled tools. With 10 pockets in total, you will have enough space to organize your tools in the strongest and most efficient ways.

WHAT WE LIKED // Super adjustable & comfortable, Durable, Light

CHECK LATEST PRICE // Pockets are a little slanted

14.      DEWALT Cordless Drill

DEWALT Cordless Drill

Drills come in handy when you need to utilize fasteners other than nails. While corded drills are useful in the home or garage, cordless drills are the only viable option when working on the roof. With a compact and lightweight design, DeWalt cordless drill can fit into tight spaces. The power drill’s high-performance engine offers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power, allowing you to handle a wide range of tasks. The Dewalt 20V drill’s high-speed gearbox has two speeds (0-450 and 1,500 rpm) for a variety of fastening and drilling tasks. A ½” single-sleeve ratcheting chuck ensures a secure grip on the bit. The ergonomic handle provides comfort and control.The tool’s height is 6.5”. The charger is made to work with ordinary 120V household electricity.

WHAT WE LIKED // LED light is very bright in dark spaces, 2 batteries last very long, Light, Handy carry bag

CHECK LATEST PRICE // A spare bit holder could be included

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

15.      Ironclad General Utility Gloves

Ironclad General Utility Gloves

This original utility glove with a high level of performance is comfortable and form-fitting for all of your day-to-day activities. Shop, home, delivery, clean-up, construction, machine operation, rigging, yard maintenance, and, of course, roofing are just a few of the best uses. This glove’s craftsmanship is unrivaled in the industry. While remaining focused on the task at hand, the terry cloth on the back of the thumb can be used to wipe the sweat away. When the job is finished and the day is done, chuck these high-performance utility gloves in the washer because they will not dry out or shrink.

WHAT WE LIKED // Very tough, Durable, Extremely comfortable


16.      Palmer Safety Harness

Palmer Safety Harness

Palmer safety harnesses are designed and tested to meet all OSHA and ANSI fall protection equipment standards. The fall protection body harness features five readily adjustable points to ensure a correct and safe fit for a wide range of body shapes. It features the tongue buckle leg straps, dorsal D-ring for fall arrest, hip D-rings, and heavy-duty back support/positioning pad with a removable tool belt.

This harness is intended for people who weigh between 140 and 240 pounds (with clothing, tools, and other items). We offer fall prevention equipment that is designed to last and will keep you safe. The physical characteristics used to create the body harness are as follows: polyester webbing 1.73” in width, 1.73” in length, while breaking strength is 5000 lbs. Stitching thread is high-tenacity polyester.

WHAT WE LIKED // Comfortable, Quick connection buckle

CHECK LATEST PRICE // Inconsistent sizing

17.      Thorogood American Heritage Shoes

Thorogood American Heritage Shoes

Slip-resistant outsoles flex more than conventional work boot outsoles, cushioning impacts and preserving your feet and ankles while working on rough terrain. They will keep you steady on flat, damp, or greasy surfaces, as well as loose gravel. It also outlasts blown rubber outsoles in terms of durability. The ultimate shock absorption footbed is removable for the most comfortable out-of-the-box work boot. This footbed uses dual-density polyurethane focused under the heel and ball strike zones to absorb impacts and drain away perspiration. The 6” flexible ankle support keeps you comfortable up top, and the fiberglass shank construction offers these work boots the flex and strength needed to preserve their shape under heavy pressure on the roof.

WHAT WE LIKED // Electric shock resisting outsoles, No difference in footing of wet/dry/slippery/hot/cold surfaces, Nice design

CHECK LATEST PRICE // Big tongue, Little narrow

18.      NoCry Professional Knee Pads

NoCry Professional Knee Pads

These knee pads are comfortable and professional enough to wear all day. The EVA foam conforms to your knee to create a comfortable kneeling cushion. The thick gel layer cradles your joints. Even if you are at work all day, the integrated supporting cushioning keeps you comfy. With non-slip grooves, the new shell is light and robust. The elevated bottom ‘lip’ prevents rolling and reduces ankle stress. Whether you are kneeling on a roof, construction site, in the garden, or on the side of a mountain, this gives support and keeps you stable.

With proper safety gear, you can easily protect your knees. Your work knee pads will stay exactly where they belong as you kneel on any floor or roof after adjusting the straps to fit snugly and fasten the pads in place with the heavy-duty clasp.

WHAT WE LIKED // Easy to slip on and take off, Sturdy & comfortable

CHECK LATEST PRICE // Slightly more expensive than the competition

19.      PYRAMEX Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

PYRAMEX Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

The Ridgeline hard hat offers the best of both worlds: high-performance impact protection and customizable comfort. ABS thermoplastic resin, which combines strength and rigidity, is used to make Ridgeline hard hats. These hats are some of the lightest on the market today, up to 10% lighter than hard hats made of standard materials. ABS is an excellent material due to its hardness, gloss, durability, and electrical insulating qualities. The Ridgeline’s low profile gives a more natural, comfortable, and secure fit that sits lower on the crown of your head and provides more coverage than a seated hard helmet with a higher profile.

What is very important, make sure each employee has a hard hat. Also, consider having a spare hat available, as it must be discarded after any collision, no matter how minor.

WHAT WE LIKED // Lightweight, Comfortable, Great quality, Stylish, Fits well even on bigger heads

CHECK LATEST PRICE // Not great with long hair

20.      DeWalt DPG82-11C Safety Goggles

DeWalt DPG82-11C Safety Goggles

The DeWalt DPG82 concealer is a safety goggle with a lot of features that provides excellent protection and comfort. Its soft, dual-injected rubber seal adapts to the face for superior dust and debris protection. The anti-fog hard coat lens helps to keep your vision clear by preventing fogging and scratching. An adjustable, elastic head strap and ventilation slots are also included. The DPG82 passes the Z87.1 standard for impact resistance and offers UV protection of an amazing 99 percent. You are well-protected by the soft rubber gasket. Channels of ventilation allow for more airflow and less fogging. The elastic cloth head strap can be adjusted for a secure, personalized fit. The anti-fog and anti-scratch coating ensures maximum clarity and long-term durability.

WHAT WE LIKED // Full eye protection, Fits over the glasses nicely

CHECK LATEST PRICE // In humid areas they tend to fog up quickly

Invest in Quality Tools for Roofing

Whether it is commercial roofing tools or for DIY-ers, putting money into tools used for roofing is not something you should do half-heartedly. It is not a winning strategy to try to get by with the same tools you have had for years. You must make wise investments and determine which selections will benefit your business or DIY projects in the long run. However, you will need to make some investments. If you are serious, you will need to invest in the equipment and products you use, as well as other aspects. Do not be too cheap, and do not keep putting things off, as quality tools for roofing and safety equipment can sometimes save your life.

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