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5 Best Wood Burning Kit to Give Wood Special Look [2022 Pyrography Gun Reviews & How to Buy]

As art of burning wood, pyrography needs the best wood burning kit to create beautiful art. While it is an art that demands talent to create high-quality items, it is a skill that you can learn fast if you have the correct tools. You have come to the right place if you want to master pyrography tools or purchase a kit for the first time.

Many of these kits come with various attachments, each serving a particular purpose. You can use them for soldering, burning, carving, wood burning, spot heating, etc. You can also customize your style and design to your liking. A storage container and a metal stand are frequently included. Aside from this, many wood burning sets now include safety elements that provide optimal comfort while in use.

Because of so many options online, choosing the best wood burning tool is a difficult task. One of the best places to buy your unique kit is Amazon, as it has the best prices and deals. As a result, we have prepared this review and guide to show you the most important factors to consider when purchasing your pyrography kit.

What Is the Best Wood Burning Kit? Read the Reviews

Our reviews below are written to show you the pros and cons of each model so you can pick the one that best meets your needs at a price you will enjoy. Here are our top picks:

1. Walnut Hollow – Best Overall

Walnut Hollow

Temperature range: up to 400oC

This wood burning kit is a terrific budget-friendly alternative for beginners and professionals alike. It includes a number of recommendations to help you get incredibly detailed and accurate with your drawings and text. This particular set includes 11 different tips from which to choose. The threaded base of each tip screws into the burner wand. It also comes with a soldering tip and soldering wire, so a modest piece of artwork on a reused canvas can be easily crafted. It can also be used for stamping, just like many other kits.

This is an excellent tool for artisans who want to experiment with different mediums. With this kit, you will have the freedom to get just the right amount of heat for any project, and at the same time, the pen maintains a constant temperature very well. Color-coded heat zones on the clock and lead-free solder are also characteristics of this tool. It takes a few minutes for this tool to heat up, but once it does, it performs admirably. The tips are strong and will last for a long time if properly cared for.

WHAT WE LIKED // Affordable, 4 different tips included, Easy to use, Heats and cools quickly

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // No temperature controls

2. Colwood Super Pro II – Best for Professionals

Colwood Super Pro II

Temperature range: 315oC – 540oC

Pyrography specialists and wood-burning enthusiasts all around the world rely on the Colwood brand. Even though it is on the more expensive side of the market, it is definitely worth the money for anyone looking for strong reliability and lifespan.

The Colwood Super Pro II is a steady presence on the desks of many wood-burning artists, with a separate power supply like all professional systems, dual wand ports that can be switched back and forth, temperature control, abrasive tip polishers, and tongs. This professional wood burning kit will take you through years of working without missing a beat if you want a rock-solid professional setup and are ready to pay for it. If you are serious about pyrography and want to put a lot of time and money into it, this is the one for you as it will give you a lot of return on investment.

The temperature adjuster is so smooth, so you can adjust the temperature up to 10, although it can sometimes be too much. For lengthy periods, the pen is comfortable to hold. When you use the cork grip for more than 10 minutes, it becomes noticeably hot, but it takes less than a minute to cool down.

WHAT WE LIKED // Very powerful, Heats up and cools quickly, Fast shipping

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Back wires are exposed, A bit expensive

3. TRUArt – Best for Beginners


Temperature range: up to 540oC

One of the best wood burning kits for beginners is the TRUArt kit. Being a popular brand, you can consider upgrading to TRUArt’s professional kit once you have got more experience. The pen included in this package has two temperature settings: one for wood burning at 30W and another for leather or gourd burning at 15W. These two temperature options do not provide you with much flexibility when it comes to precise temperatures. Still, as a beginner, it helps to eliminate the guessing about what temperature is best for your job.

Calligraphy, solder point, dot, groove, universal, razor blade, hot knife, and more solid interchangeable tips are included in this wood-burning package. A protective plastic case is also included with the entire set. A steel letter and number stencil, a manual with explicit instructions on how to use the instrument, and a lightweight pen with a nonslip handle are part of the set. The pen is easy to grasp and allows you to work for lengthy periods of time without tiring or cramping your hands. With the convenient user manual, even beginners can create professional projects in no time.

WHAT WE LIKED // Comfortable grip, Non-slip handle, Easy to use

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Only 2 temperature settings

4. Powza – Best Ergonomic


Temperature Range: 200o – 450oC

This is a fantastic pyrography kit that gives you many options. You may do everything from making beautiful platforms to branding wooden containers. You might also acquire a one-of-a-kind way to brand your personal items. The multiple tips included in this kit are ideal for switching out whenever you require a different type of script. Each tip will be ready in seconds, so you will not have to wait long to utilize them.

This Powza wood-burning kit is an excellent choice whether you are an expert or a beginner! It comes with replaceable tips and accessories for users of various skill levels. It’s ideal for DIY projects, universal crafts, and hobbies at home. A soldering iron holder, pyrography pen, mold, wood carving tips, and a user manual are included in the kit. It has a temperature rise and a very responsive control function. Furthermore, the heating core is changeable, making this pen reusable, and the availability of more ventilation holes makes it simple to dissipate heat. The handle with an ergonomic design allows you to operate at various angles without fatigue.

WHAT WE LIKED // Easy to use, Heats up quickly, Temperature can be easily toggled

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Tips tend to bend easily

5. Petuol – Most Tip Options


Temperature range: 200o – 450oC

The Petuol 110-piece wood burning kit is the most affordable complete starter kit you should consider purchasing. You can find cheaper kits, but you would not trust their quality, effectiveness, or safety.

But this large Petuol kit is surprisingly nice for the money, with lots of great tips (including brass tips for burning, a hot knife chuck, and even soldering tips) and a very usable adjustable temperature pyrography pen, with a rubber-lined handle that feels good in the hand, variable temperature, a replaceable heating core design, and lots of accessories like safety gloves, wood for burning, several amazing stencils, and a cool carrying case. Paying more will always provide you with a better experience, with a more controlled pen, more useable and predictable tips, a nicer overall feeling, and more – not to mention typically a longer life, and thus a better value for your money.

But if you really want to try your hand at wood burning but do not want to burn down your house, the Petuol 110 piece set is a superb choice, and our pick for the best budget wood burning kit currently on the market.

WHAT WE LIKED // Wide variety of tips, Adjustable temperature

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Need to include better instructions for changing tips

What to Consider When Purchasing the Wood Burning Art Kit?

We examined the most significant aspects when compiling our top recommended wood-burning instruments list. As a result, we picked wood etching tools that were easy to use, heated rapidly, and retained their heat effectively when compared to competitors. Here are some important aspects to consider when purchasing wood burning pen:

Tip Type

A wood burning gun can have two sorts of tips: solid or wire. Solid tips are metal pieces formed into various shapes, and as they heat up, they burn the wood.

Wire tips are wire stretches with a point of entry and exit in a pen. The wire conducts current, providing heat to burn the wood.

Both are excellent choices, but good tips are far more prevalent and less expensive. The majority of hobbyists and artisans cling to tried and true methods. Wire tips are less frequent and can be costly. Still, they provide more expert artisans with a more professional, completed look.

Temperature Control

The way the temperature is regulated is the second factor that sets these wood burning craft kits apart. The most affordable items lack temperature control and operate at a single fixed temperature, making their use extremely limited. On the other hand, some wood burning kits offer temperature control and may be plugged straight into a wall outlet.

Finally, there are the wood burning pens, which are connected to a separate transformer or wood burning station and use burning loops to provide you with significantly better temperature control. This increased temperature control allows the user to be more creative with the pen and is usually made for professional usage.

Items Included in the Kit

Pyrography kits can contain a range of products, including the pyrography pen, tips, other accessories, and, of course, hardwood materials. More items may not always imply higher quality, but they do help to provide greater variety. More options would be extremely beneficial in boosting your creativity.

The wood burning stove kit should include many tips, each of which comes in various shapes and sizes. This is a crucial consideration because different designs will necessitate different tips. While substitutes are possible, some scripts, calligraphy, and styles will only function with specific tips.


With the right kit at your disposal, you should be able to create any pattern, script, or form. This is significant because it means you can complete any project you desire. This encompasses things like faces, texts, and logos, among other things. The sorts of tips, their sizes and forms, and the pen’s effectiveness all contribute to this diversity.


It is critical to think about the big picture when creating a budget. Investing $50 in a kit that will last for years is less expensive than investing $20 every one or two years. Simultaneously, you can have an upgrade in which your inexpensive but durable beginner’s kit serves as a backup to your more expensive professional gear. Pick what feels right to you.

As far as this review is concerned, the scope of prices starts at $14.18 for Walnut Hollow to $214.19 for Colwood Super Pro.

Top Brands

If you prefer brand names, Walnut Hollow and Chandler make craft wood burner pens, and Colwood, Burnmaster, and TRUArt make professional pens.

Safety Tips for Pyrography Tools

  • Children should only do wood burning under adult supervision. The activity is not recommended for youngsters under the age of 12.
  • Temperatures of up to 1000°C are used in wood burning. Naturally, there is a high risk of fire and burning. As a result, you should always work focused and attentively. The hand holding the workpiece must be separated from the pyrography pen by a sufficient distance. There must be no sliding of the leading hand.
  • When the unit is attached to the power source, never contact the mold tip or the firing loop with your exposed finger, as severe burns are possible. It must have cooled completely before changing the hot air bulb attachment.
  • Ensure that you always use the safety goggles and keep your workspace properly ventilated, as smoke is produced when the wood is burned. It can contain chemical residues, fungi, or resins and can be harmful to health.
  • Pyrography should never be used on plastic or synthetic materials. Aside from the fire threat, poisonous fumes are released, which can cause major health concerns.
  • If you must remove the burning piston, do so in a secure location with a fireproof base. The safest spot is atop a fireproof stand, which is sometimes included with the pyrography kit.